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Martinez y Ewens Anasazi Ranch

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The Martinez y Ewens Anasazi Ranch located on the High Road to Taos continues the Martinez family tradition.
The tradition of hospitality and the celebration of life in Northern New Mexico includes over 200 years of ranching in Peñasco, a neighboring town and 140 years of operating the Peñasco Fiesta.
The ranch house is located on a mesa at 8,000 ft. below the 13,000 ft. Jicarita Peak. The peak's name in Tewa means "little bowl" for the volcano crater in the side of the mountain. The view from the ranch is sweeping: to the east, Jicarita peak; to the north, Taos; to the west, the Rio Grande Valley and the San Pedro Wilderness, 100 miles distant. The Carson National Forest borders the ranch on the south.

Five acequias (water ditches) and one small creek pass through the land. The two acequias near the ranch house were built about 1836. The murmur of water can be heard from the house.
Our bed and breakfast inn offers semi-private baths, late afternoon snacks and a delicious northern New Mexico breakfast. You may roam the property and children may try for fish in the streams.

We are located in Llano, near Taos, a fabled artist colony and Indian Pueblo. Assistance in locating the many local artists is provided.

Lydia and Mike are retired army colonels with service in two wars. Lydia's family has lived here for over 200 years. Lydia and her family members enjoy relating the history of the area to visitors. Mike has guided fishing and hunting adventures for a number of years, is a Boy Scout High Adventure leader, and has also served in search and rescue operations and as a national park ranger.

We are ADA equipped and can meet the needs of physically challenged clients who wish to enjoy the high country of New Mexico.

The Martinez y Ewens Anasazi Ranch practices non-discrimination with regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age and disability. We welcome physically challenged clients to the high country and its opportunities.

The trout fly fishing and day hikes are operated under a permit from the Carson National Forest, USFS, Taos, New Mexico.